Fermi Paradox

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Could We Be Alone in the Cosmos?

It’s something people tell me all the time, and usually in hushed tones: “with a trillion planets out there, we really can’t be the only intelligent beings in the galaxy.” In other words, given the enormous amount of real estate in space, aliens are sure to exist.
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Fermi Paradox

Our Galaxy Should Be Teeming With Civilizations, But Where Are They? Is there obvious proof that we could be alone in the Galaxy? Enrico Fermi thought so -- and he was a pretty smart guy. Might he have been right?

Zookeepers, Alien Visitors, or Simple Life

How Can We Explain Our Isolation? We seem to have the Galaxy to ourselves. At least, thats the obvious conclusion from the apparent lack of aliens in the neighborhood.

What's Blocking Galactic Civilizations?

Could galactic empires exist? In a previous article, we noted that there has been plenty of time for aliens keen on colonizing the Milky Way to pull it off. However, we see no signs of galactic federation ("Star Trek" aside). Why does the cosmos look so untouched and unconquered?