Activity Reports

Nearly 90 scientists work at the SETI Institute’s Carl Sagan Center conducting research across almost all branches of science. Their work addresses questions around the development of life, where else in the universe it could exist and how we might find it. Further, the SETI Institute’s Center for Education develops STEM resources for children, young adults and educators. Finally,  outreach activities take place every day online, in the real world and over the airwaves.
The Quarterly Activity Report of the SETI Institute is a deep dive into what happens at the SETI Institute every day and includes details about:
·     Peer-reviewed scientific publications
·     Conference abstracts and proceedings
·     Technical reports and data releases
·     SETI Institute in popular media
·     Professional and public lectures and appearances
·     Significant events and activities
·     Projects with interns
·     Fieldwork
·     Observing time
·     Contributions to ongoing and planned missions
·     Contributions to mission planning and concepts
·     Strategic planning, official committees and working groups
·     Honors and awards
The work of the SETI Institute belongs to all humanity. Explore with us!

Rapunzel Whale Image over planet in water image

SETI Institute Activity Report April – June 2018

Download our full report HERE The work of the SETI Institute is focused in three areas: scientific research, education and public outreach.
Mars landscape

SETI Institute Activity Report January – March 2018

2018 has been a whirlwind at the SETI Institute already.
Activity Report 2017

Annual Activity Report 2017 of the SETI Institute

The scientists, educators and outreach professionals of the SETI Institute had yet another banner year of productivity in 2017.